For the first time in Australia, award-winning artist & sculptor, Adam Williamson, held a three-day series of workshops in Sydney from 13-16 December 2018 at the gorgeous Glacage café in Bankstown to sold-out crowds.

Specialising in Islamic geometric patterns and hand-carving artworks, Adam’s works are produced using natural materials and traditional tools and techniques.

Adam employs his drawing, ink, wood and stone working skills to design and build unique geometric shapes and patterns, which tessellate and multiply into perfectly balanced structures.

Adam has previously worked for Westminster Abbey and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, as well as being commissioned by HRH the Prince of Wales. Notably, he also carved the headstone for his friend, Martin Lings, globally-recognised scholar who passed away in 2005.

Having run workshops across the globe, including in Morocco, Egypt, Spain and Turkey, Adam’s course in Sydney explored arabesque & Islamic design for both the novice and experienced artist.

I would describe these workshops as:

Inspiring – This workshop inspires people to learn and discover amazing new talents.

Multicultural – Many people from different backgrounds can come from different parts of the world with different backgrounds and become friends.

Relaxing – Over the past three days, I have seen many people feeling relaxed drawing and creating new things with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

At the end of one of his sold-out workshops, I asked Adam, “What encouraged you to start being so interested and inspired by all of these amazing patterns?”

Adam answered, “I became very interested with all these patterns when I was reading illuminated manuscripts, especially the Qu’ran. I was very inspired by all the beautiful designs and patterns.”

Adam’s workshops were an amazing success and participants loved his teaching style.

We hope that he will return to Sydney to run more courses in the future, Inshallah.

Learn more: Instagram @artofislamicpattern