Stephen Hawking, the most notable scientist of current time had glorified science by his distinctive works on the black hole. This paradigmatic scientist devoted his entire life to discover this incomprehensible cosmological object!

When a critical investigation was carried out, I surprisingly uncovered that Hawking had profoundly discovered Quran in the Blackhole! As a Muslim, I pay a standing ovation to this honourable man for his invaluable work, though he was a fervent agnostic!

Of all cosmological phenomena, black hole stands out as the most bizarre object! It’s a point in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from it! It crushes and squashes an object to its eternal state!

A process known as Stellar Nucleosynthesis [all elements of your body are made in distant stars by this process; earth or sun cannot manufacture them] takes place in the core of massive stars [25 -35 Solar Mass].

When such a star reaches the end of its life, its hydrogen fuel runs out in the fusion process of making helium! Now, this monster star begins burning helium in its core, fusing existing atoms into heavier elements!

As burning progresses, the core swells in search of more fuel! The giant star has huge outer layers those have supermassive stockpiles of materials that intrinsically pinpoint an enormous gravitational pressure from all directions onto the centre!

Due to this massive pressure, the core explodes igniting a completely new thermonuclear furnace of burning the newly made element, carbon! This may burn for million years.

After carbon, it will be oxygen then magnesium and so on! Every time the processes of the burning of the core will cause an explosion at the end and will initiate a new nuclear furnace creating new sets of elements.

Life of a star means the nuclear furnace in the core creating an outward pressure that can maintain equilibrium against the ever-collapsing gravitational compression due to the enormous stellar mass in the outer layers of the star!

The Opposing force from within and from outer layers find the state of equilibrium to make the star ‘stable’ and it can continue for millions of years!

This balance, however, finally is lost when the core is filled up with iron elements! Iron is the final stage of Stellar Nucleosynthesis! All other elements were able to add impact in the outward pressure of the star-core, but iron makes a total difference!

Instead of releasing heat, iron core traps in all heats leaving no outward pressure to keep the star balance against the inward pressure from all directions of the star-outer! The core now is without defense!

Billions upon billions of tons of matters fall from ten directions onto a single point at the core with extreme violent speed! In no time, a supermassive exposition occurs in the star core due to infinite force that collapses at the geometric center of the core!

The energy of this explosion is so intense that the core and its mass instantly go out of existence creating a gravity-well! The explosion is called Supernovae Explosion; it creates a singularity into the stellar core!

In that core – space, time and matter are folded into infinite curvature! Matter, energy and events are now lost and hidden forever!
A black hole is born!

Ever since a black hole is born, it can continue to grow by absorbing matters from its surroundings. This includes all stellar objects, all nearby stars, interstellar matters and so on!

‘Black hole would grow by the influx of materials, at which stage, gravity would tear apart nearby stars and then suck in the gas’. ‘Some are so massive that they collapse under the force of their own gravity into a super dense black hole’!

A black hole is a place in the cosmos where stellar objects fall in ruins! Stars and all stellar objects die in the blackholes!

This phenomenon is depicted in the Quran [56:75] – [I] swear by the place where the stars fall in ruins! The word [ﯡﭱﻊ] is a verb – means ‘to destroy’, when you add [م – ma] as a prefix, it denotes the place & time of destruction!

Allah the Exulted is swearing in the name of that place where the stars plunge in destruction! There is no other prescient in the cosmos at whence the stars can collapse and get ruined! This is only the black hole; there is no other candidate in the cosmos to fit into this description!

The verse 56:76 is far more interesting! It says, ‘certainly it’s an oath of highest significance if you did know’!  – The conjunction used Lou [ﻟۄ] is curiously interesting. In Arabic, ‘In’ [١ﻥ] ‘Is’ [ﺍﺯ] and ‘Lao’ [ﻟۄ] – all mean ‘if’; but Lao [ﻟۄ] is only applicable where the action is beyond the capacity or possibility and means of the subject!

The proposition – ‘if you did know’ in fact indicates – you will never know! As light cannot escape the black hole, literally it allows no information to come out. Thus, the inside of a black hole is never knowable! It’s a cosmic limit!

Thanks to Stephen Hawking! He discovered Quran that revealed the black hole phenomenon in a most economical manner some 1400 years ago!

The law conservation of matter and energy tells us that never ever matter and energy will die; never ever they are to go out of existence! The half-life of proton is 1032 years [100,000, 000, 000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,000 years]; this tells us that matter has a never-ending life! It tells us that matter is like God! Matter has no decay!

This poses a serious challenge to Quran! ‘Everything will perish to nothingness’ – this seems do not work for matter because of such massive half-life!

To comprehend this issue, we need to understand the black hole characteristics! Since birth, black hole only grows bigger and bigger due to its ever-increasing hunger for more and more matters!

It’s massive gravitational pulls continuously suck in nearby stars or interstellar maters. The more it grows bigger, the more it becomes gravitationally intense and the more it creates curvature in space-time compelling more and more matters to fall into its event horizon!

Finally, it starts devouring groups of stars, nebulae or massive interstellar clouds and even other black hole! It’s a one-way-traffic! Such a blackhole turns into a supermassive black body! Every galaxy in its deep homes one such supermassive black hole!

These bodies influence in galactic rotations or drifts in trajectories of stars and constellations! But the fundamental course remains unchanged – more and more stellar objects find their destinations in it! The more it grows bigger, the more it adds up in strength and pull!

A galaxy is so massive that even the supermassive black hole sucks up stellar matters at the speed of light – it may take 50,000 to 100,000 years depending on size to consume the galaxy entirely! However, the supermassive black hole will ultimately devour all the stars, all the maters, all the energies in a galaxy!

When the supermassive blackhole will grow infinitely strong, it even will have impact on the speed and course of enormously distant objects – instead of light-speed, like what happened in the ‘inflation era’ after big bang – the galactic materials now will rocket to the core of attraction in a more violent speed than light!

One day all individual galaxies will be empty and there will be only one supermassive black hole left for every galaxy in the Cosmos!

This example we already can see in the Quasars; only difference is – their sizes are pretty small compared to the supposed supermassive black hole of a galactic mass will be formed in the Cosmic Blackhole Era!

When there will be only supermassive black holes to reside in the universe – each of these massive objects will rotate in its cosmic realms and at certain point, one will appear closer to another, will experience unexplainably powerful gravitational pull and will fuse into a single blackhole!

This Extra Supermassive black hole or ESB [two or more galactic masses] in its tiny blackhole region will unleash even stronger pull for other galactic bodies or ESBs lurking in massive distances!

In this process, in a runway rate – the Extra Supermassive Blackhole will incrementally gain more and more mass, strength and pull! This will finally set free a massive spree of attacking, attracting and devouring all universal masses in a single geometrical boundary of an Infinitely Supermassive Universal Blackhole!

This is the last stage of our visible cosmos! The entire universe will dazzle in brightness of tens of trillions of Quasars’ glares – a condition you are not entitled even to imagine!

Remember in the Big Bang, in the Hadronic and Leptonic eras– matters and antimatters were in a single hot stew! In the Creational Phase of this Cosmos – soonest the universe entered the Lepontic Era in some 14 billion years ago – this unleashed the matter and antimatter annihilate in creational spree that in length, matter survived over antimatter there!

Now after 14 billion years again, the primordial condition will mimic in the reversal course of black hole singularity! In this reversal course, all the matter and energy will be crashed to matters and antimatters – with a difference – in the Creational Phase matter survived over antimatter, but in current black hole phase – nothing will survive another!

Stephen Hawking points out here that although nothing can escape from the black hole – in this very highest state of compression of the universal black hole compressed in a very tiny geometrical boundary – matters and antimatters will meet each other in annihilations!

Every time this universal blackhole will initiate a massive flash known as Hawking Radiation, allowing matters and antimatters annihilate to nothingness! This process will continue for a relatively shorter period!

This will finally empty the universal blackhole to the Final Nihilistic State of universal nothingness! Because there is no way to return, the entire mass in that universal blackhole will annihilate in the flashes of Hawking Radiations and finally, all matter and energy in this visible universe will reduce to nonexistence!

Hawking’s finding confirmed the Quranic Statement – “Everything in it will perish to nonexistence [55:26].”- only will remain the Countenance of your Lord, full of Majesty and Splendour [55:27]!

Once the last burst of Hawking Radiation is over – the Universe, our known Cosmos will sink into dense darkness of nothingness!

In the following diagram – you will notice that the Hawking Radiation will only occur in Zone D; there will be blackholes in all zones from A-C, but they would not be able to initiate Hawking Radiation due to absence of required mass that is attainable in the Universal Blackhole in Zone D only!

An ummi prophet [who did not know how to read and write] in the desert of Arabia revealed three little verses [7:40, 56:75, 56:76] to mankind those finally were rediscovered by Stephen Hawking.

“These are the news of the Unknown We reveal to you that neither you nor your people were aware of (O Muhammad) [11:49].

“Say, He Who knows all the secrets of the heavens and earth has revealed Quran to me. He is Forgiving, Merciful.” [25:6].

“Perfect are the Words of your Sustainer in truth and righteousness [6:115] Words of God is inexhaustibly everlasting! It’s an inconceivable success.” [10:64]!

“He is Allah your True Sustainer, the Rightful Lord; after the truth what is there but error? How could you then turn away.” [10:32]?

“He is God, other than Whom there is no god. Unto Him is due all praise, at the first and at the last. For Him is the command, and to Him you shall be brought back agai.” [28:70]”.