The harrowing stories and statistics that continue to pour out of Yemen after four years of conflict are heart-breaking. UNICEF director for the Middle East reports that more than 2,700 children have been recruited to fight in the war and nearly 1.5 million children have been displaced as a result of the conflict, many of them only ever knowing a life of war.

As unemployment rates climb higher, so do the numbers for people sleeping hungry every night. The IPC reports that 15.9 million people sleep and wake up hungry every day in Yemen with 400,000 children facing severe acute malnutrition which could claim their lives at any moment.

If they don’t lose their lives in the conflict, then the sad reality is that hunger could be what takes them. Yes, hunger is claiming the lives of many in Yemen but what about diseases? Thousands of lives have been claimed due to the rising number of people with cholera and diphtheria.

At the end of October, more 14,000 cases of cholera alone, were reported to the WHO (World Health Organisation).

So what can YOU do?

The answer is A LOT.

The Yemen emergency being called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with 22 million people in urgent need of some form of humanitarian aid (almost the entire population of Australia!), we can do so much even if the act is small.

Be vocal. Help us raise awareness by sharing our updates on social media. Let all your friends know what you know.

Be active. We understand that the end of year rush means that there is so much to do with so little time, so some of you may not be able to help us physically fundraise at any stalls BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t do it via facebook. You can create your very own campaign and help us raise much-needed funds (and awareness) for those suffering from the effects of this man-made crisis in Yemen.

Penny Appeal has been responding to the emergency in Yemen for the last two years, trying to reach millions of families, women, and children who are in urgent need of food, clean water, and health care.

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