An idol of mine in the journalism field, Yalda Hakim graced our TV screens for many years on SBS, mainly known as a reporter for the programme Dateline. The Afghanistan-born beauty had humble beginnings when her family fled Kabul on horseback after the Soviet Union invaded and her father faced conscription. Her family was sponsored to Australia after two years in a refugee camp in Pakistan, arriving here when Yalda was three-years-old.

Yalda has a unique approach to reporting which has set her apart from other female journalists. She has a strategy of truly getting to know her subjects, stepping in their shoes and being approachable; seeing herself as one of them. Yalda feels she is often underestimated because of her female appearance, but she uses this to her advantage to tell her stories. This has earned her global television success and many fans. Yalda has worked with BBC News since 2013, hosting a daily rolling news programme called Impact. Her work with the BBC has seen her produce documentaries as part of the Our World series and travel the world over in countries including South Sudan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Ghana, Sweden and Indonesia.