You can very well ask –Who Created God?

This question has been asked in all ages!  Bertrand Russel, the leading philosopher of all times is known to the world for this agnostic question! Today Bertrand Russel resurrected in the voice of Richard Dawkins, the atheist icon of current time!

Anyone can ask any question, however there exists rule of legitimacy in asking questions!  ‘Did the crow breed a jet plane’ – this is of course a question, but its beyond the acceptable limit.   Any question is a question – but some questions are insane!

We experience a cause behind every effect; there is an initiator for every known entity!  Everything indicates to an origin.

Bartend Russel’s historic question – ‘Who is the father of God’ thus brings insurmountable problem for God’s supporters! They mostly answer in Donald Henry Porter’s way – when almost all scientific theories meet the dead end of no possible answer, such quest does not hold any justification!  We or Henry – none has an appropriate instrument to respond to this query any better!   Such infirm answer doesn’t move anything!  The questioner remains a winner!

But a crucial question must be answered with profound strength of information, facts and figures; not by words that are logical stimulus only!  What is the basis of this question?  Certainly, one would say – everything has a source or creator; this is an established rule of Nature!

What is Nature?

Nature is the Creation in the first place!

As such – we are asking a question about Creator using the matrix of his Creation.

Creator and Creation are two different entities; one MUST use same yardstick to measure these two different entities!

A surveyor measured a road using meter-tape and after a while decided to measure rest of the road with a kilogram-balance; this is analogous to the thinking of ‘Who created God’ a practice that is utterly corrupted as inappropriate measuring tool is in use.  The whole approach is wrong and as far as Dawkins is concerned, he does not even understand the basic rules of comparison!

Nonetheless, defiant Richard Dawkins still stands for his claim as usual! God must have one creator, elsewise, He could not exist by himself!

Then I would ask Mr Dawkins – what does he understand by ‘Creator’?

Wright brothers would have been creators if they made the aeroplane, not by using already existed materials; instead, by creating those parts from non-existence!   Wright brothers are not Creators; they are inventors or assembling hands!

No inventor is a Creator and Richard Dawkins never saw a Creator!  An inventor has parents; Creator is unlike an inventor and thus could not have been subject to the inventor’s rule of parents!

Russel & Richard at this stage merely fail to understand the difference between Creator and inventor!  Yet they claim to be the knowledgeable exotica in human history!  They are like children who simplicity cannot stop asking!  Have the exalted knowledge-icons had tumbled into the childhood naivety of not knowing of what they are asking for?

Let’s turn our face to a different direction.

Let’s not talk about Creator, not Creation, not Universe, not Walls, not Superclusters, not Clusters not Quasars, not Galaxies, not Stars, not Planets, not Earth – but only a micro grain salt, the next division of which will take it out of eye sight!

In such micro-grain salt, there are as many as 1016 atoms [10,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 atoms] of Sodium [Na] and Chloride [Cl].  If you want to know this micro grain salt in full details, then you must know the three-dimensional status of each of the atoms [there are more]!

When salt crystalizes, every single atom of Na and Cl binds to the array in its specific position through an abstruse force; such positioning requires minimum 10 bits of information for every atom.  As such, the tiniest micro grain salt turns to be a collection of 1016 x 10 = 1017 [100,000, 000, 000, 000, 000] bits of information!  To know it fully, you must have the capacity to accommodate 100, 000, 000,000,000,000 bits of information in your brain!

Let us now understand the information capacity of Mr Dawkins’ brain, one who questions – ‘who made God?’

Knowledge at the basic is information; the faculty of human intellect is directly proportional to the total number of information one possesses!  Ultimately, processing of information outlines knowledge!  Information is thus the fundamental basis for knowledge!  How many bits of information Dawkins or anyone could accommodate in his brains?

Ability to accommodate information depends on the number of neuron cells available in the brain– the three pounds of flesh!  A standard brain has 1011 neuron cells; each of them is corresponding to one bit of information!

However, the way dendritescreate interconnecting circuits, on average, the capacity of each cell rises to 1000 times!  That would mean, in cent percent utilization prospect, Mr Dawkins would accommodate 1011 x 1000 = 1014 bit of information!

This is a cosmic limit!  Remember, we were discussing the tiny last visible micro-grain salt contained 1017 bits of information!  Now if you compare the faculty of knowledge Mr Dawkins could hold with the information sum of the tiniest salt grain, we see, it needs at least 1000 Dawkins’ heads combined [1017 / 1014 =1000] to accommodate all information the tiny bit of salt holds!

We see – Dawkins is not even competent to understand the last salt particle in the visible range. Yet he is not questioning about a salt grain, about a mountain, about earth, about a solar system, about a galaxy, about a cluster, about a supercluster, about the Wall and finally not about the universe – but asking about the Creator who created the mall!   Fools are always courageous!  Courageous Dawkins is asking a question about the Creator of this universe with a naivety that is not enough powerful even to understand a salt grain!

To be able to understand the Creator of the universe, one will need in the least an ability to understand this entire Cosmos!   How big this Creation is?  The visible universe and invisible universe combined make the Creation!

Theory defines the expanse of the visible universe as,- If you can attain the speed of light and voyage at the rate of 10,000,000,000,000 [10 trillion km] a year, then you will need roughly 14 billion years to reach from one limit to the other only for the visible universe!  Unfortunately, the invisible universe is many billions times bigger!

To understand such a Creation, one would need a brain as massive as the Creation is!  Unless Dawkins attains that big head– fundamentally, he has no right to ask – ‘Who Created God’?  And indeed this question lies past beyond legitimate boundary!   Dawkins is guilty of invoking illegality in raising a question – Who Created God?  Alas!  On this illegal paradigm Dawkins made his fortress of fame!

Death is undesirable, yet one must accept it as there is no escape from it!  Death is a natural limit.  Similarly, God is a Natural Limit!  God does not need a father.   Nature by its own nature protect this limit!  We are required to accept that there is no maker for God; there is no probability, no necessity, no explanation and no argument and no dispute!

“No vision can perceive Him, He percevieth all visions [6:103]!  Say (O Messenger), “Who is it that provides for you from the heaven and the earth, or who is it that has full power over your hearing and sight? And who is it that brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead from the living? And who is it that directs the Orders of the Universe?”

They will say – “God.”

Say, “Will you not then be mindful of Him?” [10:31]. Such is the Sustainer God, your Rightful Lord. After the truth what is there but error? How could you then turn away [10:32]?  Therein every person will experience exactly the result of what he did before. They will be brought back to GOD, their rightful Master, and all their false imaginations will disappear [10:30].