Longer shall ye live beneath the earth!

Than ye live this life above it!
Death effaces all that breath;

Wander and uncover- life, of little worth!

Originated in truth ye from the dust

And in the dust ye return again
And from the dust ye resurrect again

Must ye meet thy Lord at last!

Alexander, Caesar, Cyrus held heavens at homes


Sun used to rise and set in their lands;
Thrones they had in gold-silver trends

Today thorns and insect cover their tombs!

Soon ye shall quit this life find final home in grave;

Soon ye ‘ill be unseen and unknown,
Unlamented world,  and none to mourn;

Lost in the eternity wasted and naïve!

Nay! Ephemeral is this life that turns into straw;

Vanity and pride – all indeed dries up fast
Despite this truth, ye run behind the lust

Until coffin covers ye up and in earth the coffin is low!

Whence arrived ye this Dunya, cried ye – all in smile’

Strive, as ye leave, ye smile and all weep
Past this sojourn, ye plunge into eternal Deep

Awaiting thee the Merciful in peace unvile!!

[**In commemoration of my elder Kazi Jashim Uddin left this Dunya on 01 Dec 2018]