Charity Australia International in association with mosques around NSW and ACT distributed hay bales to farmers on Saturday 17 November 2018. A scientific analysis of Australia’s drought extremes shows that 2018 has been the worst drought in 400 years in NSW.

This year 99% of NSW has been drought-stricken, while other parts of the country are experiencing more rainfall than usual.

Farmers are struggling to feed their animals in these dry conditions and worse still for the farmers is watching their stock die. The drought’s intensity is merciless, it is heartbreaking to watch our farmers, and their animals suffer in this way.

In light of the current devastating drought, Charity Australia International launched its Drought Campaign to raise funds for the farmers and buy hay bales, which were to be delivered to Tamworth, NSW.

The fundraising effort for the farmers was a collective one, with many mosques and individuals donating to the cause.

Charity Australia International’s Team delivered the hay bales to Tamworth on Saturday 17 November 2018. The delivery of the hay bales was received warmly, with a positive response and the Team had a chance to talk to the locals.

Charity Australia International (CAI) is a Sydney based charity with the aim to help those, who are the most vulnerable and destitute in our society.

Whether in Australia or overseas, CAI has been there for the past 11 eleven years helping those in our society who need the most support.

CAI provides support in many ways to the community these include working overseas to deliver emergency relief in Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and for the Rohingya Muslims.

Other countries, which CAI has also been active in, are Fiji, Palestine and Bangladesh.  CAI extends its emergency relief to wherever the need arises due to natural or manmade disasters.

One of the major concerns of CAI is the increasing number of orphans around and the world and especially in Pakistan.

CAI prides itself in making Orphan Sponsorship a major project, due to its enormous rewards in the hereafter as stated by the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

While, CAI’s continuous Annual projects include Al Siyam Project, Feed the Fasting & Eid clothing, Zakat ul Maal & Zakat ul Fitr, Water project or Zamzam project, Qurban Project, Roshni Education Project – where scholarships are awarded for tertiary education and the Qurban Project.

CAI’s Local Projects include the Breakfast Program for schools. Local Zakat Fund, Funeral Services and the Women Support Centre.

The Women Support Centre provides services such as emergency housing for women in need, counselling services for women, financial aid for women and the Centre organises other services such as the Elderly Program, Islamic courses and Quran classes.

CAI is also working on a few major projects these include Ambulance Service in Pakistan, which provide ambulance services to remote areas of Pakistan.

The Mansehra Laboratory, is a state of the art Diagnostic Centre providing services, which are 40%-60% cheaper than other comparable Centres.

Furthermore, the Center provides services free of charge for those who are unable to afford medical facilities. The Mansehra Lab has performed 339, 976 tests from 2012-2018 and CAI has subsided in excess of half a million dollars for these services.

The Thar Complex includes boys and girls schools and hostels, a hospital, water desalination plant and a Masjid.

CAI’s biggest project to date is the construction of The Multan Hospital, construction of which started in 2016. The first floor construction has been completed and the hospital continues to be built.

If you want to donate to CAI, please chose from the following options with your name and the purpose of donation  such as Orphan Care, Syria, Rohingya, Feed the fasting, Hospital or zakat.

Option 1: Cash or cheque payable to Charity Australia International and post to

7 Plunkett Cr, Mt Druitt, NSW, 2770

Option 2:  Net banking

Option 3: Direct deposit

Account Name:                Charity Australia International

Bank:                                  Commonwealth Bank

BSB:                                    062121

Account Number:            10671088