The annual Sydney Multicultural Mawlid Concert was held on Sunday 2 December 2018 at Sydney Sports Centre, Sydney Olympic Park under the slogan “Muhammad, a guide and more for every era”.

The event held with the patronage of Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia and led by the Islamic Charity projects association (ICPA) was attended by a number of Government representatives including Mr Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Disability Services, Mr Michael Daley, MP Leader of the Opposition, ambassadors, consul generals, ministers, councillors, community leaders, sheikhs, imams representatives of organisations of Lebanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Somalian, Sudanese, Pakistan, Indian, Afghanistan, Turkish, Bosnian, African, Harrar background as well as media representatives.

The VIP reception was opened by Chairman of Darulfatwa, Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan Al Husainyy who welcomed delegates and spoke about the Mawlid celebration and the important role Darulfatwa has played over the past two-decades in promoting moderation and peace.

This was followed by a speech from the president of the ICPA Hajj Mohamad Mehio who spoke about the exemplary manners of the Prophet (s) and how Muslims always strive to take him as an example and guide across all eras.

Mr Ray Williams spoke about the importance of social cohesion and how celebrations such as the Mawlid contribute to the government’s commitment to social cohesion and harmony.

The leader Michael Daley thanked the Muslim community and particularly the ICPA and Darulfatwa for their positive contributions to Australian society that lead towards peace, harmony and our success together through multiculturalism.


The concert was opened by Sheikh Ibrahim El-Shafie who welcomed attendees and stated in his opening speech “Your attendance here today reflects in a small way the world-wide keenness of Muslims to celebrate the commemoration of the Mawlid, each culture adorning their celebrations in their own colour and taste. Muslims of every race, colour, language, gender and age, gather on this occasion”.

Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan Al Husainyy delivered a speech stating: Muhammad (s) seeking blessings by your traces is a tradition you taught your companions. For, it was you who told the barber to shave the right and the left sides of your head after you performed your final Hajj. It was you who called upon Abu Talha Al-Ansariyy and gave him from the hair and said to him, “divide it among the people” as is related in the two Sahih books.

The speech was followed by a role play based on a true story titled “The Princess and the Crown” – about a young woman who was God-fearing and had a profound love for Prophet Muhammad (s). The role play was followed by a number of performances in several languages.