Lawyers for Osman Faruqi, an ABC journalist and former political editor of pop culture website Junkee, said Mr Latham – now the NSW leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – had agreed to pay damages and legal costs to settle the case over claims Faruqi supported “anti-white racism”.

Faruqi kicked off defamation proceedings against Mr Latham in October last year over comments made by the Labor heavyweight turned NSW One Nation leader on his OutsidersYouTube program.

He alleged Mr Latham defamed him in an August 2 episode of the program last year, titled “The Rise of Anti-White Racism and Terrorist Plots in Australia”, by suggesting he “knowingly assists terrorist fanatics who want to kill innocent people in Australia”, “condones the murder of innocent people by Islamic terrorists”, and “encourages and facilitates terrorism”.

Mr Latham’s old legal team, including Brisbane-based firm Londy Lawyers, had drafted a lengthy and unusual written defence to the claim that led to a scathing and widely shared judgment in August by presiding judge Michael Wigney, who described the 76-page document as “extraordinary” and labelled parts of it “frivolous and vexatious”.