The AMU Alumni Association of Victoria celebrated ‘Sir Syed Day’ on the occasion of the 201st birth Anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on 20 October 2018, at Lynbrook Community Centre in Melbourne.

The Alumni paid tribute to the founder, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who established Mohamedan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO) in Aligarh, India in 1875, which became Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

It was a memorable event attended by nearly 200 members and their families.

Association President Mr Faisal Siddiqi greeted the guests and members of the AMU fraternity.

Prof Akhtar Kalam from Victoria University graced this occasion as the chief guest. Professor Parveen Rukhsana and Mr Rashid Sultan were the keynote speakers.

The programme commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by two kids, Master Rayyan Ansari and Master Hamza Javed.

Mr Faisal Siddiqi said that he was fascinated by Sir Syed’s life and work especially his focus on Islam, Science and Modern Education.

“The mixing of the east with the best of the west to see if there could be a new identity, culture and vision. It was not just about the future of India and Muslims but the future of humanity, Mr Siddiqui said.

Prof Parveen Rukhsana, a retired professor of history from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, mentioned Sir Syed’s famous quote – “India is a beautiful bride, whose one eye is Hindu and the other Muslim.” This is the hope of humanity and Sir Syed’s thinking.

Mr Rashid Sultan shared his thoughts to promote the importance of Urdu as a true reflection of great Indian culture and tradition. He appreciated the contribution of AMU Alumni and reiterated the need to foster bonds between AMU and Victoria.

Chief Guest Prof Akhtar Kalam related his life as a student at AMU and touched some of his affectionate memories. He emphasised the importance of ‘Ganga-Jumani’ a culture, which, he said, the AMU stood for.

The speakers were unanimous about Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s extraordinary contribution to Indian society and education.

The academic session ended with a vote of thanks from Dr Sharjeel Ansari. He captured the main points from all speakers and thanked all of the organisers including, Mr Faisal Siddiqi, Mr Mohammad Tarique, Dr Mohammad Ayubi, Mr Javed Hadi and Dr Abidur Rahman.

The programme was followed by Traditional Sir Syed Dinner.

The function ended with AMU’s melodious Tarana. The audience were captivated and many went nostalgic and joined the singing of Aligarh Anthem.

Mr Rashid Sultan led the Ghazal session. The singers captured the audience with their melodious voices.