Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s choice of words to describe a madman’s knife wielding rampage in the heart of Melbourne, which killed one wonderful Australian and injured two other fellow countrymen, as “radical, violent and extremist Islam” demonstrates his leadership immaturity and cheap vote catching tactics at a time when his political party is losing its appeal with Australian voters. This is not the first time that he has done this.

Before that, Melbourne’s horror over the weekend deserves the utmost and unreserved condemnation from every citizen and peace-loving person in this country and elsewhere. No believing men and women anywhere in the world has ever justified the acts of a lunatic who dares to use religion to justify his or her dastardly act.

No leader should therefore tarnish a religion when a miscreant from that religion commits a crime. Our prime minister appears to have not learnt anything from this country’s previous leaders. In spite of some controversial policies those leaders did their best to isolate such criminals and nuanced their expression when identifying them.

“Morrison Sees Votes in anti-Muslim Strategy”, reported Sydney Morning Herald on 17 February 2011. He spelt out his immigration policy by colouring it with an anti-Muslim brush. He was later forced to withdraw his statement as “inappropriate” and “insensitive”, because of protest from other members of his party such as Julie Bishop and even Tony Abbot.

Morrison has shown the same immaturity when he rushed to declare that our embassy in Israel should be shifted from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He thought he could win over the Jewish voters in that electorate without realising at the same time that he was jeopardising Australia’s trade deal with neighbouring Indonesia. Malcolm Turnbull had to do some damage control.

There is no way we can stop a lone wolf appearing from dark corners to create death and destruction. When such a lone wolf who happens to be a Muslim causes havoc it is irrational to expect every Muslim or imam in the country to come out and condemn it. This applies to every religion.

There is a limit for security officers however skillful and equipped they are now up to date in gathering information to prevent every violent incident occurring in society. Yet, if they can incapacitate these criminals without killing them all together we should be able to get more information from them about the extensiveness of their following and depth of their ideology in our midst.

True ISIS has claimed responsibility to the Melbourne tragedy just as it has claimed responsibility to several other such acts in other parts of the world. This is one their tactics to show that they are spread worldwide. To what extent its ideology is spreading in our midst should be studied methodically. Prime Minister Morrison may well be advised to allocate resources to our universities to undertake such an important study.

Australia is a shining example of a successful plural society. There is not only freedom of religion but also freedom from religion in this country. It is our duty to preserve this success at all cost. The anti-Muslim predatory sentiments that one hears widely in Europe, UK and US are remarkably absent in this country. This is a tremendous achievement of our previous leaders.

Australia is delicately placed close to the largest Muslim nation in the world, which is also a proud multicultural country. Let us match their multiculturalism with ours.

Prime Minister! Please help us.