Police focus on reducing levels of antisocial behaviour and the community’s perception and fear of crime.  

In Sydney City, there are many new arrivals living, working, studying and visiting in the region.  This is where Multicultural Community Liaison Officers (MCLO) come in.

Tammy Tong, at Sydney City police, is among more than 30 liaison officers working across the metropolitan area, including two in regional NSW.

Full-time, unsworn and dressed in civilian clothes, Tammy is the newly employed liaison officer.  Growing up in Hong Kong, she is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Tammy has worked closely with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the past decade.  She has a passion in social justice and building community capacity.  She holds a degree in Communication and International Development.

Sydney city is very multicultural.

Tammy’s main role is to engage with communities and help them to understand their rights and responsibilities when in contact with police and help to report a crime to police or support in raising concerns with police.

She works in line with police officers, and as a grassroot level, to liaise with multicultural communities.

In some cultures, people tend not to approach police when an incident happens such as being assaulted in public transport or having mobile phone/wallet stolen or being a victim of fraud.

The role of MCLOs is to break down barriers, reduce misconceptions and establish communication between the police and the community.

Using language skills and understanding of cultural issues, MCLOs can assist people who are victims of crime and their family members, to build better understanding and improve communication when dealing with police.

Tammy works closely with the Crime Prevention Officers to educate the community about safety and ways to protect themselves in public space to avoid being the victim of opportunistic crime.

She is based at 192 Day Street, Sydney and can be contacted at 9265 6499.