The Global Cities and Resilient Urban Communities symposium was held at Bankstown campus of Western Sydney University on 25 October 2018 attended by around 50 people.

The event was held to coincide Western Sydney University annual Research Week from 22 to 26 October that celebrates research accomplishments of WSU academic and research staff.

Cities are an important part of the national mosaic of every country in the world and studying them from a scientific perspective is absolutely critical.

It is important to note that cities throughout the world are facing insurmountable challenges as the process of globalisation continues to bring about large-scale economic changes and their social effects.

The cultural, spatial, economic, and social impacts of the processes of globalization on urban areas are proving to be far-reaching and urban communities are forced to find new ways of coping and building reliance.

Professor Paul James.

The symposium on Global Cities and Resilient Urban Communities was organised to better understand this and bring together academics, researchers, research students, and policymakers (from local councils and state and federal departments) working in the field of global cities and resilient urban communities in Australian context to discuss the formation and transformation of urban centres and dwellings with a particular focus on urban community resilience and sustainability.

With this aim, the symposium explored existing debates on global cities and urban community development and sustainability and further generated analytical discussions about how urban spaces are undergoing unprecedented transformation and how to relate and respond to it in an era of globalization and global transformations.

There were two keynote addresses and two sessions entitled Resilient Urban Communities and Global Cities, respectively.

Professor Paul James, Director of the Institute for Culture and Society (WSU) gave the first keynote address entitled Urban Sustainability and Resilience: Working Together as Global Challenges Compound.

Dr Jan A. Ali

Michael Humphrey, Professor and Chair in Sociology, School of Social and Political Sciences, the University of Sydney gave the second keynote address entitled Global Cities and Entrepreneurial Urbanism North and South.

In the first session, Dr Dallas Rogers from the University of Sydney spoke on Public Perceptions of Foreign and Chinese Real Estate Investment: Intercultural Relations in Global Sydney followed by a talk by Associate Professor Awais Piracha from Western Sydney University on The Great Sydney Divide: The NSW (Australia) Planning Policy Divergence.

In the second session, Professor Shahadat Hossain from the University of Dhaka spoke on Theorising Global Cities: Economic Restructuring, Urban Space and Political Conflict followed by a talk by Associate Professor George Morgan from Western Sydney University on Resilience or Resistance? Precarious Work and Precarious Lives in Global Cities.

The symposium concluded with a talk by Dr Jan A Ali from Western Sydney University on Muslim Terrorism in Western Global Cities: The Case of Sydney.