Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s thought bubble to declare a separate holiday to celebrate as Indigenous Day is to admit that the superiority and separate identity of white Australians will not be compromised.

It is apartheid in soft form.

26 January, according to the Prime Minister, is a day for all. How can that be when the indigenous people refuse to participate in it and call it the Day of Invasion?

The history of Australia since that day about 200 years ago has been the repetition of what Europeans did in the Americas. It was a story of systematic killing, rape, abduction and theft of the indigenous people.

The Australian government should do more than just say “sorry”, and that too after two centuries.

Today, we have reached a comic situation where the original owners of this land have to appeal to the conquerors for recognition in the constitution.

For the sake of political correctness, it has now become customary to acknowledge the first owners of this land whenever and wherever a public function is held. How sincere are we in this acknowledgement?

For more than two centuries, Australian governments have failed to wipe out the gap between the settlers and indigenous, in terms of health, education and income.

How many Australians of European descent are prepared to accept an indigenous family as their neighbour?

Pauline Hanson and her ilk are too quick to demand assimilation of recent immigrants and particularly Muslims with Europeans and their culture.

Did she and her tribes assimilate with the culture and values of the original owners of this country?

Who should assimilate with whom? Victors have written Australia’s history. It is time the vanquished record their version of it.

Today, Australia is a multicultural society and the demographic landscape of this nation is changing fast, and away from its European identity.

However, statistics on immigration show that government policy is subtly trying to curtail the intake of people from certain cultural and religious background into this country. It is a policy intended to appease the far right political elements. Isn’t such a policy promoting a form of soft apartheid?

Even the national flag is no more national but a relic of British colonialism. While the indigenous people are rejecting that flag totally, it is losing its meaning and significance to many non-European communities.

At least as a first step towards making multiculturalism meaningful let us move away from 26 January and choose another day to celebrate as a day of unity and integration for all Australians, including the indigenous.