Why are we being tested when Allah already knows the outcome?

It is a fact that destiny has always been one of the most challenging topics for Muslims. We always wonder how free will and destiny work together, or if we can change our destiny.

On Monday 24 September, ISRA Melbourne held a public lecture on destiny where the theologian and lecturer Omer Atilla Ergi explained the understanding of destiny in Islam, answering the challenging questions around this topic matter.

The engagement with the topic was evident as conversations about the content continued well after the lecture ended. There was such a great demand for the lecture from people who could not attend that ISRA offered the lecture as a webinar on Thursday 11 October.

ISRA always aims to have interesting, sometimes perplexing topics for their public lectures, so experts of the topics can shed some light on critical and challenging issues. Destiny, as one of the principles of Iman, is certainly one of them.

Audience engaged in the topic of destiny and free will