On Friday 5 October November Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) and  Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) collaboratively organised a discussion panel titled “Seeking Sacred Knowledge in Modern Times”. 

The event took place in a Muslim majority suburban area of Sunnybank where over 120 people attended and immersed themselves in the robust discussion. 

Audience at “Seeking Islamic Sacred Knowledge in Modern Times” event

The engaging and interactive panel was facilitated by Dr Zuleyha Keskin. The Panelists included Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp, Sheik Haisam Farache, Sheikh Ikram Buksh and Imam Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh. The panel was a fusion of speakers from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne which meant different experiences and perspectives being brought to the table.

The panel addressed the value and importance of pursuing Islamic knowledge in modern times, including the challenges faced, particularly in relation the qualifications that should be sought and what type of knowledge is most needed in today’s day and age.

The night commenced with a heart touching recitation of the Quran by Sheikh Ikram Buksh and was concluded with a beautiful nasheed by Imam Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh.

It was truly beautiful to see individuals from different communities and ethnicities, who came together to further their understanding about how sacred knowledge could be attained in modern times.

Upon observing this event, one lesson that comes to mind is, when Muslim organisations come together,  the outcomes are far more successful. Similarly if as Muslims we look towards collaboratively working for a common cause, imagine what could be achieved. Food for thought.