Muslim Women Association welcomes its 35th year of service to the commitment and greater support for the wider community.

In celebrating this great achievement, it is important to reflect on true sincerity and intention and how this allows for the continuous growth for MWA as an organisation and the community for continued support, trust and faith.

Without the greater community, programs such as the Sister-to-Sister drop-in service in Lakemba, the Mothers Inspire Mothers MIM program in Bass Hill Felicity House, or even the Saturday Afternoon Youth Intensive SAYIT program would not be accessible or as successful as they are today.

MWA works hard to ensure inclusivity, respect, empowerment and growth, all of which reflect deeply in the services it provides for all.

MWA also works alongside partnerships for courses such as Computers and Digital Media, Sewing Classes and is now running Mindfulness programs for both English and Bengali speakers.

Servicing the diverse needs of the community plays a vital role in practice, it is important that we are able to encourage skills, knowledge and awareness to the public that will support them in any way of their daily lives.

As well as supporting the community, we work alongside the community through volunteer programs and student placement, if you are interested in participating in a wonderful volunteering opportunity please send an email to [email protected] or contact us on 9750 6916.