It was once widely accepted in Western countries, that the USA was the leading nation of the non-communist world.

Then came the invasion of Iraq in 2003, under the lies of the US intelligence community and Blair and the eventual creation of Daesh.

This American adventurism and disrespect for human rights in the Middle East, has seriously undermined the USA and its claims of “democracy.”

Under Trump, the position worsened.

The US role in Palestine was destroyed by increased partisan support for Netanyahu.

The balloon finally went up with the US declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, who was an outspoken supporter of every act of racism and bigotry by the Trump Administration, stripped support from the USA with every utterance.

Republicans attempting, in several states, to narrow the voter base through various restrictions, are exposing the tentative relationship of the USA with democracy.

The opening of trade wars with allies and with China, has created a future crisis for the US and possibly the world economy.

The success of the Kavanaugh nomination has, in one swoop, undermined the legitimacy of the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and even the FBI.

Ending the legitimacy of the main organs of the state is, historically, a prelude to revolutionary change.

The clear and open support of the oppressive dictatorship of the Saud family, the  attempted cover-up of the assassination of Khashoggi, and the terrible slaughter in Yemen, have exposed anew the amorality of American foreign policy.

The palace coup against PM Turnbull and the attempt by Dutton to take the reins, thwarted by Morrison, seems to have occurred under the auspices of the Murdoch media owners.

The report “Poverty in Australia 2018” revealed three million Australians are living in poverty, so distraction techniques are employed to take attention from this threatening fact.

The commercial media attempt to divert attention using racism against Sudanese, refugees, Muslims and the indigenous community, has made the role of the ABC extremely important.

The ignoring of the shocking condition of children being imprisoned on our offshore concentration camps, despite the AMA and 6000 doctors calling for their removal, can be attributed to the media distraction campaign around the issue.

The assault upon the independence of the ABC by the Chairman of the Board, the subsequent sacking of the Director and then the ousting of the Chairman, have shown how threatened are the ruling elite and commercial media interests by independent commentary.

The October vote in the Senate on a white supremacist One Nation motion revealed as never before the nature of the Morrison led Coalition.

The Wentworth byelection motivated declaration, that the LNP would consider shifting the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem, reflects the deterioration of the ruling party.

The Indonesian response has been shattering.

Things indeed are falling apart, but it is in the heartlands of the old imperial systems that this falling apart is occurring.

Something new is emerging but it is not clearly apparent just yet.