Al Amanah College, Liverpool held its Year 12 graduation ceremony for the class of 2018 on Friday 21 September 2018.

The ceremony was attended by Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan, Chairman of Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia, Head Principal Mr Mohammad El Dana, Al Amanah College Principal, Mr  Ayman Alwan, Dr Rafik Hussein, Chairman of 2MFM, community leaders, executive staff, teachers, students and their families.

The school Captain opened the event with a recitation of the holy Qur’an.

Guest speakers congratulated Year 12 students on their success in completing a 13-year long schooling journey. Staff reminded students that despite their graduation and farewell bid, they all remain a part of the Al Amanah community.

Al Amanah Head Principal Mr El-Dana encouraged students to uphold the school’s principles, share their knowledge and experiences on the ethos of Al Amanah College. Darulfatwa Chairman Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan reminded students to abide by the Islamic teachings and values as they embark on their tertiary education at universities and workplaces.

The Al Amanah College community congratulated students on their outstanding academic achievements and efforts in setting the high benchmarks in various areas of education and schooling.

The ceremony concluded with a ’seniors 2018’ video capturing memorable moments in students Al Amanah journey, development, fun and friendships.

Year 12 Students will commenced their HSC Examination study break from 22 September 2018 and begin their HSC Examinations on 18 October 2018. Graduates will now be engaged in refining their skills to prepare for their HSC examinations.

Staff, students and parents of Al Amanah college congratulate the year 12 class of 2018 and wish all students success in the upcoming HSC Examinations.