During term 3 of ‘This Is Me’, the SAYIT juniors and senior girls participated in the activity of building and designing their own mini treasure boxes and pillows, which was facilitated by the MWA (Muslim Women Association) team on Saturday 4 August 2018 at Felicity House in Bass Hill. This session allowed young girls to discuss and reflect amongst each other on how to overcome challenges.

The title ‘This Is Me’ enables girls to identify who they are as an individual as well as their strength and weaknesses; this will guide the girls to accept one another.

I had been given the opportunity by Feda Abdo, Communications and Community Relations Manager of MWA, to deliver ‘This Is Me’ Program. While facilitating the activity, I provided a safe environment for the young girls with icebreakers and activities for them to be involved in during the lesson.

Both projects were facilitated throughout term 3, during the process of the activities the students discussed the many challenges of the process; several girls stated ‘The paddle pop stick will not stay and keeps breaking apart’ this was a challenging task for them, but they kept trying and did not give up.

As a student on placement, this statement and process made me realise that life has challenges, and by overcoming these is to always keep trying no matter how hard the process can be.

Throughout my time of SAYIT I discovered the advantage of working as part of a group, I learnt that good teamwork is the key to success. The simplest things could be turned into something amazing if we put enough creativity and effort into working on them.

With the activity myself and other colleagues we used some simple materials such as glue, paint, paddle pop sticks, craft materials. It was interesting to observe how the girls help each other discover what their strength and weaknesses are during the process of the activity. The girls had worked together to use their knowledge on which way could the paddle pop stick stay together and by changing the position could actually affect its performance.

The program is designed to support youths in socialising and having their safe space by communicating with each other and being able to participate in many different activities provided by the SAYIT team. As a student, I know we all have challenging experiences in life which can affect our own well-being. ‘This Is Me’ does not only allow students to be involved but also provides the girls to discover the importance of connecting to their faith and being a better person in life.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to being part of SAYIT Program and to see how far it will grow within the near future. I personally think that MWA (Muslim Women Association) has put together a remarkable program for young girls within the community to socialise and being involved with many different activities as well as connecting with their faith.

I think the MWA team are doing an amazing job with the community and being able to provide many programs not only for young girls but also Muslim women who are going through crisis. In addition, from this activity the one thing I have learnt from the girls was that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel no matter how hard the process can be, never giving up will always make you a stronger and better person. I am excited to see what my journey will lead me to while being part of the SAYIT Program.