Dear AMUST Letters Editor,

I would like to invite all AMUST readers to our Hostage Happening, 5.30pm every Friday at the Queen Victoria statue in front of the QVB in Sydney. You are welcome to bring your own banner or placard or banner and to use our megaphone. The only condition is that you are for human rights for refugees.

The hostages we are campaigning to free are the ones on Manus Island (PNG) and Nauru. They have been there for five years. There have been 12 deaths. Australia is violating the 1951 UN Refugee Convention. It is almost unreported and is an abomination.

Most of the hostage-refugees are Muslim. If these people were Christian and were European, they would not be persecuted in this way. Both major parties are indulging in racism, and making the lives of innocent people, hell.

Please join us. Fridays 5.30pm at the QV statue. We have tea and coffee afterwards, sign letters, and discuss the latest developments and ideas for further pressure to change this intolerable situation.

Best wishes,

Stephen Langford OT (Order of Timor)