It has happened again and too soon after the stunning defeat of a powerful and yet corrupt government in Malaysia.

The voters in Pakistan have comprehensively rejected the two political dynasties who have been ruling Pakistan and getting elected repeatedly in spite of endemic corruption.

The Pakistan elections held on Wednesday 25 July 2018 mark a turning point  sweeping aside established political parties with a second consecutive peaceful handover of power from one democratically elected government to an opposition.

Imran Khan and his party PTI had failed in the past to make a dent into the vote banks of PPP and MLN for more than 20 years. This was due to the feudal political culture in Pakistan where votes were given on the basis of ethnicity and linguistic alliance prevailing in the country.

Votes were also sought in this Muslim nation carved out of India on the basis of nationalistic fervour and in the name of Islam. A number of religious parties sought votes on the basis that they were the true representatives of Islam to lead the nation in accordance with Islamic values.

However during this election the young generation, who now form the great majority of voters saw through the obvious corruption of the two political dynasties and slogans of the religious parties and voted in a sensible way.

Due to his cricketing achievements Imran Khan was always admired by all cricket fans globally  and specially in Pakistan. But this popularity in Pakistan did not translate into him succeeding in politics for a couple of decades.

As on the cricket field, Imran with the tenacity of a fighter did not give up and persevered on opposing the establishment for years trying to expose corruption and injustice in the country and finally he has succeeded.

There have been suspicion of him being supported by the Pakistan military and accusations that he will toe their line. However the Lion of Lahore, as he has been known is a man of his convictions and an independent thinker and a natural leader.

The indications are that he will govern on the basis of his values and convictions rather than pleasing the electorate and the powers within or outside the country.

He will stand up to any bullying by the superpowers specially USA and safeguard the national interest and welfare of all Pakistanis.

On the other hand he has already indicated that he wishes to develop equal and reciprocal good will towards all other nations including India.

Unlike the past Pakistani politicians who used belligerent language against India and raised slogans regarding the issue of Kashmir mainly for domestic consumption, he has already offered an olive branch to India which has been reciprocated by the Indian Prime Minister Modi.

This sounds a good beginning for bilateral relations between India and Pakistan to solve their differences through dialogue, open borders and engage in trade with cooperation in all fields that will have great mutual benefits for the people of both nations who are joined by linguistics, cultural and historical relations.