The ongoing assault on the people of Palestine continues to echo in the hearts of all those who mourn the painful occupation where hospitals are destroyed, schools obliterated, homes shattered to pieces and more and more innocent children dying, the situation in Gaza seems all but hopeless.

However, thanks to social media, even as bombs continue to rain down, the people of Gaza have not given up hope, and neither can we.

Their resilience must be our inspiration, their mere existence, our motivation. We must continue to speak out against the violence and terror being inflicted on innocents.

Here are eight ways, though may seem trivial, might just add up to make a world of a difference:

1. Participate in a Peaceful Protest

Organise a local protest in your area or attend one already scheduled.

2. Engage on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful organization tools available. Why can’t it help the people of Palestine?

Use social media to raise awareness, express outrage over the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians and correct factual misconception, so that the longstanding fabricated narrative, can once and for all be replaced by the truth.

3. Talk to friends and family on a personal level

As the saying goes, fix the heart, and the rest will follow. Appeal to people’s heart and give them the facts, starting with the beginning of the conflict. The narrative of what is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict pushed by the mainstream media is so fictitious that many people have no idea of the truth.

4. Put it in Writing

Write to the prime minister, call your member of parliament, sign a petition and say why you support an end to the violence and an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine.

5. Donate to a charity or support an organisation.

Support organisations such as APAN: Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network,

6. Support the BDS movement

The BDS movement website, is packed with loads of information on the BDS movement and how to get involved.

Perhaps this is one of the most effective ways of supporting Palestine. According to the BDS movement website, the consumer boycott is beginning to bite, too: a fifth of Israeli exporters reported a drop in demand as a result of the boycott in the wake of the Gaza massacre.”

Write a letter to companies, Tweet to them or Facebook them, telling them you refuse to buy their products until they stop supporting the occupation.

7. Make Dua’a, #PrayforPalestine

It may seem like the least activist thing to do, but for the billions of believers around the world, prayer is the most powerful weapon. Organize an interfaith prayer and invite people from all religions and backgrounds. Pray not just for Palestine, but for all the poor and oppressed.

8. And last but not least, support peace building initiatives

There are many Muslim and Jewish organizations who are working together to bring peace. There are also many Jewish organizations who have spoken out against the occupation and against the violence.

That is, supporting Palestine is not exclusive to one religion, ethnicity or race. Supporting Palestine is about standing up against oppression, against colonization, against discrimination, and against inequality.

Supporting Palestine is about standing up for humanity.