THE YARD is an award-winning anti-bullying program by contemporary dance theatre company Shaun Parker & Company dealing with themes of bullying, social exclusion, peer pressure and resilience through dance and music.

Drawing inspiration from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and its analysis of human behaviour, THE YARD exposes these same themes in the modern day Australian school playground, ultimately finding unity in the diversity of culture, gender and ethnicity that are the experience of young Australians.

THE YARDis taught with the tension and humour of conflicts played out every day even as it celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The relate-ability of the show and the five archetypal characters is immediately obvious from the questions and comments from students during the Q&A that follows.

Although there is no dialogue in the show, students immediately recognise the dynamic between the bully and the bullied, and are quick to empathise with the victim. The moment when one member of the group offers a hand to the victim is a major turning point in the show and a gesture that is not lost on the audience.

Most Suitable for Years 2-8, the one-hour program features a performance of dance piece THE YARD followed by a Q&A and workshop with students. The program will be touring to schools in Western Sydney in July and August 2018.

Recently, Amanda Barwick at the Scots College said of the program:

Not only are the dancers spectacular, but the concept and rendering of intention stunning, clever and richly provocative. A wonderful short and relevant piece to study with juniors for appreciation and to inspire narrative-based composition for all stages. The Yard picks up and navigates so many key social issues expertly, for students of all ages. It also interweaves such special stories and is testament to the rigorous workshop development origin.

Add to that the dancers’ beautiful, humble, approachable manner and Shaun’s extensive and sensitive management of both content and student-audience… they ticked every box we didn’t even know we had. And it is stupidly affordable….I think this genius deserves a round of applause for purveying not only the advancement of his cast- but the exposure of students across the country to important and accessible artistic work.”

To enquire about the program please contact Johanna Muholland  [email protected] or 02 9351 1941