I have always been fascinated with silent films, action literally speaks louder than words in them. The initial years of a baby are very similar to it and exhibit the true nature of a human being without any adulteration of false pretences.

Observing my 2-year old cousin, I came to the realisation that humans are inherently born as people of action. Few of the life skills that I learned or might I say recalled watching my cousin are as follows:

  1. Smile, it is the first step of the ladder – It’s an open secret that kids are attracted to smiles and they keep a distance from people who don’t. A smile is the first step to initiate a conversation, to pave a way for a healthy relationship, to develop the charm around oneself to allow people to engage with you. It is one of the vital traits that if utilised properly can change the dynamics of any situation in ways unimaginable. Amazingly for kids, it is only one of the few expressions that they can use which we, adults, take for granted.
  2. Be curious – My cousin walks around the house like a man on a mission and most of the time the mission is to break something and then ask his dad to fix it. Clearly, he is oblivious to the financial aspect of the things he intends to break and that is one of the liberties he enjoys at his age. Nevertheless, curiosity makes one an interesting person and creates more opportunities for oneself. It improves your problem-solving skills and awakens your inner Sherlock.
  3. Have a routine – I would call my cousin ‘Johnny Boy’ in the morning when I was able to meet him. Once I said it in the evening and he reminded me that I say that in the morning. My cousin’s day is so structured owing to the routine of his parents that anything different raises questions in his mind. A routine keeps one healthy and it’s a natural progression towards perseverance.
  4. Take risks – Babies are born with two fears, falling and loud noises. Kids are unaware of the dangers lurking around them and they learn about them mostly by the expressions of caution that elders make regarding them. Nonetheless, kids take risks, fail, cry, get up and start again. If only the adults had no sense of failure, regret or depression, this inherent ability would be enough to be content with the progress of life.
  5. Cry for what you want – Crying is the kids’ way of persevering to get what they want. Crying is nature’s response to anxiety and it secretes feel-good chemicals. As a famous Jewish proverb goes, tears are for the soul as soap is for the body. Religiously speaking, it is an act loved by Allah when we cry to Him to ask for something or someone.
  6. Forgive and Forget – This is a divine characteristic kids are born with. They rise above hate, fraud, oppression, depression, and would easily forgive you over a lollipop. The sole reason for it is that kids are not materialistic and they do not care about the status quo. Even if yesterday’s wound is still fresh, they would forget and start the new day with a smile.