Being a mother is challenging, rewarding, and at times, it can be overwhelming. Mothers Inspire Mothers (MIM) is an initiative of the Muslim Women Association (MWA) with the aim of enlightening, inspiring, and supporting Muslim mothers in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

MIM began in 2012 and has proven to be a much needed initiative. MIM provides a chance for mothers to meet up and learn from each other and share each other’s stories and experiences.

With a focus on personal and spiritual development, MIM examines a different topic each month, taking into consideration the Islamic, social and practical applications for mums.

MIM has provided an excellent support base for mothers facing everyday challenges and trying to balance out their various commitments and demands.

MIM provides a reprieve from the pressures of motherhood and a much needed recharge to focus on the purpose and meaning of motherhood.

Underpinning the philosophy that drives MIM, is the understanding that there is no singular way to be a mother. We understand that children are unique, but we often forget to recognise that each parent is unique also.

Self awareness, understanding and acceptance are a driving force in parenting. Knowing your own character, understanding and accepting who you are allows you to better understand your child, and overcome the overwhelm that is so often felt by many parents.

MIM sessions are run on a monthly basis. There are some games and activities laid out for the children while the mothers sit around the room for the interactive discussion. For sessions that involve workshopping critical issues, MWA provides childminding for toddlers and pre-schoolers, while babies are welcome to remain with their mothers.

Some MIM sessions have also been held in the park, where the Mums have enjoyed a refreshing and rejuvenating walk in the park while they enjoyed pleasant company and inspiring discussion.

The topics of focus for the MIM monthly sessions vary and guest speakers are often asked to attend and facilitate discussion. Topics that have been covered include Motherhood and Spirituality in Ramadan; Resilience Workshop, provided by accredited trainers, combining theory, experiential learning, and practical skills to give Mums the tools for themselves and their children in articulating and diffusing conflict; Real Resilience: Lessons from the life of Khadijah, mother of the believers, drawing lessons from the epitome of the resilient Muslim woman; Motherhood and Mindfulness; Self Care; Heart and Soul of Motherhood; and Connecting with Allah, My Partner, My Children.

MIM is also invited to extend the message of inspiring and supporting others to others within the community. This includes the delivery of specially designed workshops for parents at Child Care Centres, community groups, as well as Primary and High Schools on the meaning of parenting, the pressures of parenthood and how to overcome them, motherhood and spirituality, as well as mindfulness for parents.

If you are interested in being part of MIM in Term 3, you can get in touch with us on 02 9750 6916 or email [email protected]