A heart-warming story of a man’s journey to Islam has resonated within the community.

In a Facebook post, Zaid Rajab* explained his experience in meeting Jon when in line to attend an Islamic fundraising event.

“With his Western Anglo appearance, I started a conversation with him, a loaded question, ‘When did you accept Islam?, I asked.”

What peaked Zaid’s interest was the fact that Jon wasn’t a Muslim.

“I recall vividly. I was wondering what was he doing at an Islamic event if he wasn’t a Muslim.”

With interest in finding out more about Jon’s presence at the event, Zaid invited him to sit next to him. When the fundraising time came up, Zaid was surprised with what happened next.

“Turns out later that evening, as the fundraising segment kicked off, many Muslims began raising their hands to pledge money to a cause, a new mosque to be precise. Jon raises his hand and discreetly pledges a significant amount to a male usher. I overhear the amount, and was blown away.”

Although Zaid thought that Jon would prefer he not reveal his good deed, Zaid decided to share this inspiring act.

“I proceed to call over another male usher and inform him of what has just taken place. The male usher rushes to the main MC and tells him to make an announcement. ‘A non Muslim has just pledged xxx amount to our Islamic cause!’”

Zaid said that a Prophetic hadith immediately sprung to my mind, ‘The best of you in jahilliyah (ignorance), are the best in Islām if they have the understanding.’

A year later, Jon converted to Islam. Zaid recounts that he had spent time travelling and researching about the Middle East and had learnt Arabic.

On the day of Jon’s wedding, Zaid shared this post on how he met Jon and how he felt about his friend.

“Jon is one of the gentlest, kindhearted person one can ever meet, and is also doing his PhD in Canberra. After meeting his parents, one can immediately see what a beautiful family he comes from. Jon just got married to his wife, and let me tell you, he is my kind of role model. May Allāh bless your marriage Jon. Honoured to be part of it.”

*Not his real name.