While Israeli snipers continue to kill and maim unarmed Palestinians, The Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman has reacted to the cancellation of football match between Argentina and Israel in Jerusalem by saying that Argentina’s players “could not stand up to the pressure that Israel-haters are inciting” and “we will not give into these anti-Semitic supporters of terror.”

A Palestinian youth, Ezzadin Tamimi was shot dead by an Israeli soldier on Wednesday 6 June in the West Bank on suspicion of throwing stones. Eye witnesses  said paramedics were prevented from treating Tamimi as he bled out from his wounds.

Israel has now passed a law against the filming of Israeli soldiers in action against Palestinians after a soldier was filmed killing a wounded Palestinian in cold blood, a video that went viral. The soldier subsequently received a very short term in jail.

Meanwhile the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was confronted on Thursday 7 June by Michael Howard, a UK Conservative Party leader of Jewish faith as to why Israeli soldiers shot to kill so many Palestinians on Gaza’s border just to stop them from crossing the fence when alternative means could have been used.

Earlier, a volunteering Palestinian nurse, Razan al-Najar 21, was killed by Israeli snipers last Friday 1 June as she was helping a wounded protester at the Gaza border, according to health officials and a witness.

Wearing a white uniform, “she raised her hands high in a clear way, but Israeli soldiers fired and she was hit in the chest,” said the witness.

Mourners carry the body of 21-year-old Razan al-Najar during her funeral after she was shot dead by Israeli soldiers, in Khan Yunis on 2 June 2018.

Israeli military snipers have been accused of targeted killing of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on Gaza’s borders for more than a month resulting in almost 150 people killed and up to 3,000 injured, many with life threatening injuries.