Tarjimly is responding to the global refugee crisis in a unique way. Developed by a group of Muslim Americans, Tarjimly is a messenger bot that gives instant access to a global network of more than 1200 translators.

As one of their founders Atif Javed wrote about the product when they launched,

“We felt helpless watching the refugee crisis unfold, and as Muslim Americans, we have family and friends directly affected by the Muslim Ban. Stories about language barriers being a constant (even life or death) struggle for refugees motivated us to find a technical solution to a logistical problem.”

Salina Naser, Aid Worker | Echo100+, said

“Tarjimly helped me create genuine friendships and sincere connections with Arabic-speaking refugees. Translators went above and beyond to make sure I had the correct translations for different dialects.”

Katherine Long, Volunteer Translator | Tarjimly

“I volunteer because of the overwhelming scope of the refugee crisis and knowing that I can help refugees and improve my language skills at the same time with Tarjimly.”