The Shadow Minister for Education, Jihad Dib, shunned recent vandalism at a local Islamic school as being ‘a low act’, and having “no doubt that the perpetrator will face the full extent of the law.”

On Saturday 2 June 2018, the words ‘Suicide Bomber’ were found to have been spray painted onto Al-Hikma College’s banner in Lakemba, corner of Haldon St and Canterbury Road.

Brice Hamack, the President of the Islamophobia Register Australia told AMUST that such events are ‘expected’ because of the media’s constant portrayal of Muslims through the lens of terrorism and violence.

“A recent report on Australian journalism in 2017 found a disturbingly high amount of anti-Muslim media publications that can only be explained as stemming from an irrational fear and hatred of Muslims here in Australia.

If the greater Australian community could be exposed to the vast majority of Muslims in Australia who live peaceful everyday lives, incidents like this would be less likely to occur,” he said.

As the State Member for Lakemba, Mr Dib released a statement to AMUST, extending his support to the staff, students and parents of Al Hikma College.

“We should always speak out against racism wherever it appears, because the aim of it is to make people feel like they don’t belong. Thankfully, our Lakemba community is an inclusive one and I extend my full support to the staff, students and parents of Al Hikma College,” he said.

If you would like to report any further incidences, please email [email protected] and contact Islamophobia Register Australia,