From the mother’s womb into the serene hamlet,
The freshness of the air, water and the ground,
The distant views of the hills and the paddocks,
The incessant faint murmur from the bay,
The overflowing water and fury of ‘Matamuhuri’.

The fuzzy views of ‘Sundrban’ in the scattered light,
The slowly fading glow of the evening sky.

The fire-flies breaking the darkness of the night,
Resting under shade of banyan trees in summer heat.

Floated in the ‘lakes’ created by the monsoon rain,
Observing the fishes swim in the paddy fields,
The gently flowing breeze of the winter days.

The occasional encounter with a deadly reptile,
Climbing up a mango, a coconut or a jackfruit tree,
Rushing to collect the ‘spoils’ of a violent storm.

Playing ‘ha do do’ during the winter nights,
Waking up before the break of day at the prayer’s call,
And submitting to the Creator in the house of Lord.

Breakfast with rice cakes and the ‘juice’ of the tree,
In the company of brothers, sisters and the kin.

Walking to school along the undulating walkways,
Taking lunch to workmen in the paddy fields,
Or along with the father to the market place.

Would that you knew what that was!
A life of contentment and growth
in the nature’s womb.