The StoreLocal team Campbellfield, Victoria announced their first Prayer room in the StoreLocal chain, opening in perfect time for Ramadan.

“We’re an Australian company that believe in catering to the needs of our local communities and really engaging in the people that surround our company.”

Immersed with exquisite prayer rugs and beautiful imagery in a peaceful environment, this space will bring customers and local community together, to add convenience and cater to important needs of all cultures and people from all different walks of life.

“We love engulfing ourselves in the diverse community of Campbellfield, and focusing on our local community is our key, keeping our customers happy is what differentiates us and makes us extremely proud to be part of the community as ourselves and as a company. We understand the needs of our community and we aim to cater for everyone to make their lives more convenient in a city that’s ever changing.”

The intention behind establishing a welcoming and friendly environment was not only to customers, but even extends out to the wider community.

“Our Prayer room is open to everyone, not just the people who use our storage facilities. Some people run their companies out of their storage spaces, when coming in and out all day, people may not have the time or right space to perform prayers, this is where our concept and idea evolved from. Making times convenient for people in the space they’re in.”

StoreLocal Campbellfield, VIC are offering a promotion, buy one month, get the second month for $1! Ending 31st of July, terms and conditions apply.