Time is always the most expensive commodity at our disposal and therefore we need to prioritise tasks we need to do and spend time in a most efficient way.

We are always faced with the dilemma of choosing between tasks that essentially need to be done and the tasks we wish to do. We have the tendency to succumb to our wishes at the expense of our needs or responsibilities.

As an example say we need to complete an assignment by a certain deadline and allocate time to complete it. But we procrastinate and during that allocated time get distracted by doing tasks we wish to do such as chatting on social media, watching videos on WhatsApp or gossiping on phone unnecessarily.

If we analyse ourselves we will find that we fail to complete some essential tasks due to indiscipline, wasting our time on activities that are not that important.

This is where the training during Ramadan can help.

Ramadan is the blessed month of fasting, a month of rigorous training for us to develop mental control over our bodily desires.

Ramadan is a month of striving, fighting and embarking on disciplined life and train ourselves in the most proper use of time during the next 11 months.

The best way to do this is to prioritise our daily tasks and make a timetable and strictly follow it.

Just like we pray exactly on time, stop eating exactly on time, break our fast exactly on time, similarly we should perform all other tasks exactly on time in our day to day living.

Don’t get distracted by the ping sound on your smartphone, answering to emails can wait, reply to WhatsApp message can wait, the video sent by your friend does not need to be watched straight away. You can allocate some time for these as well at a suitable time.

Abstaining from eating and drinking does not mean that we go slow. As a matter of fact, we have to be more active, alert and efficient during the month of fasting.

After the training period of Ramadan, we can not go back to our old ways. We have to maintain the NEW PERSON that we have created during Ramadan for the rest of the year.

Warning: Beware of killing time on social media. Please.