An online petition has been launched by Australians for Palestine condemning the Australian Government’s decision to vote with the United States to block a UN investigation into the slaughter of more than 100 Palestinians by Israel over the past six weeks during the Great March of Return protests.

Since March 30, 112 Palestinians have been killed and more than 13,000 injured, including 700 children, during unarmed protests at the border between Israel and Gaza.

“We deplore the action of the Australian government in voting with the US in opposing the UN Human Rights Council inquiry into the slaughter of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza and the maiming of many thousands,” the petition reads.

“We call on the Australian government to join the international community by calling for an immediate end to the eleven year Israeli siege of Gaza, the Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the ongoing discrimination and dispossession of Palestinian people.”

(Courtesy New Matilda)