Aysha*, a refugee from Ghana in Sydney and a mother of 2-year-old triplets, is a widow and struggling to make ends meet. Because Centrelink payments don’t cut it for her, she relies on MAA’s fortnightly Food Hampers go to help provide her family with the food they need.

Sharon* recently called MAA requesting food assistance. She was struggling without food in the house, and was also out of work. MAA delivered an emergency food hamper to Sharon, and referred her to some companies she could get back into the work force.

These are some of the cases that MAA National’s Food Hamper projects has recently handled in Australia.

Another initiative is the Community Supermarket which currently supports around 60 families on a weekly basis with food and groceries. They help the homeless, poor, broken families, unemployed, unemployable, sick, refugees, elderly and disabled.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and groceries are some of the regular items that are provided both in the supermarket and the food hampers.


Through MAA’s inaugural Ramadan food rescue in Sydney last year:

– 8,500 tonnes of food were rescued from family, community and restaurant iftars

– 51 volunteers gave around 445 hours of their time

– Deliveries of 16,799 food packs were made to 1,778 households in Sydney

With the on-going assistance of partners Brothers In Need and Mountaha’s Helping Hand, MAA National hopes to continue these initiatives and build on these results.

This Ramadan, if you’d like to volunteer or support any of these initiatives by MAA National and help needy Australian families, visit www.maanational.org.au or call 1800 100 786 to find out more.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the beneficiary.