The end of 2017 brought a lot of joy for residents in Auburn, with the opening of the new, “Morning Owl.”

A group of brothers decided that the community needed to catch up with the growing brunch trend and opened an exciting café, providing a halal-friendly environment for customers.

The manicured garden captures the attention, as seating is placed outdoors amongst beautiful plants and trees creating a warm and natural atmosphere. Occasionally a friend pops in, the African Grey parrot and monitors customers to ensure they enjoy their food.

The simple yet creative menu is renowned for its organic and wholesome foods such as the “Avo Stack”, “Grilled Haloumi Salad” and unique desserts like “Baklava French Toast.”

However, what is more renowned to this place is the quality coffee that is produced from “Reformatory Lab” roasters.

For the coffee connoisseurs out there, single origin blends are available from different parts of the coffee world. At times, you lose count of the coffee beans on show.

The leaning tower of “Avo”

Morning Owl supports local community and contributes to the wider Australian society.

Milk for the coffee is bought from Australian owned companies, supporting local dairy farmers.

All tips that are raised are donated to Australian dairy farmers who are struggling to make a living from the dollar-a-litre milk advertised by Coles and Woolworths.

Some farmers are paid 55 cents for their litre of milk, which Coles and Woolworths then sell for a dollar bargain on their shelves.

Morning Owl’s tip donation is a small but important step to provide assistance to Aussie farmers and raise awareness of their cause.

Morning Owl is the new hidden treasure in the area. Great coffee, great company and a wonderful family enterprise that supports the community.

The Owl has awakened.

Visit the cafe at 16/17 George Young Street, Auburn Sydney, Australia

Follow their FB and Instagram @ Morning Owl