The Parent Relations Department at Amity College organised the tour for parents to Japan in April comprising of  11 people who toured the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo. 

Spring sunshine, cherry blossom trees and picturesque snapshots of nature all around. This was the daily encounter for the lucky Amity College parents who left behind the hustle and bustle of Sydney to jet set off to Japan in April.

The group of parents had a jam-packed itinerary stretching over 5 days.

We started off in Osaka and from there travelled to Kyoto to discover its historical and cultural charm. In Kyoto we visited breathtaking temples nestled in the mountains. It was here in Kyoto where men and women were dressed in the traditional Kimonos.

Among our experiences in Kyoto were visiting the 1000 red arches and a relaxing river cruise, taking in the city and endless riverbanks and parks lined with cherry blossom trees. We cannot forget the fresh taste of sushi, although some struggled with the chopsticks.

Next, our journey took us on a one-hour flight to Tokyo, where we were pampered for 3 days in the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel, Yokohama.

We experienced Tokyo by day and also had the chance to see the bright city night lights. It was in Tokyo where we experienced a ride in the fastest train in the world, the bullet train.

We were also fascinated by watching the busiest intersection in the world.

The group was taken back in time in the Samurai Museum followed by scaling heights for a birds-eye view of the entire city of Tokyo.

In both cities, we had the pleasure of visiting our sister schools, as well as the current construction site for Horizon International College near Tokyo.

We were hosted by the Osaka and Tokyo Turkish Cultural Centers for breakfast and tea. Every night a host family would spoil us with delicious Turkish cuisine, dessert and tea, where stories and laughter were shared into the late hours of the night.

A truly amazing experience, filled with memories that are forever etched into our minds.

A special thank you goes out to Gurkan Gurbuz, the Parent Relations Manager at Amity College who organised such a memorable trip.

Amity College Parent Relations Department

The Parent Relations Department works tirelessly to ensure that a strong, supportive and trusting relationship is established between the College and Parents/Carers, and in doing so, contribute to the holistic development of its students.

Amity College believes that student success is dependent on the constructive relations developed between parents and the school.

The Parent Relations Department organises many activities throughout the year in all Amity College Campuses (5 in total). The following are some of these activities:

  • Weekend Activities (Picnics, Fruit Picking)
  • Mother/Daughter Camps – Father/Son Fishing Trips
  • Sport and Other Activities
  • Mothers’ and Fathers’ Discussion Groups
  • Interstate and International Trips
  • Fundraising Auction Nights/Humanitarian and Community Engagement Projects
  • Family/Home Visits in Conjunction with the Pastoral Care Department

The Parent Relations Department is also in the process of organising a trip to Cambodia where the parent donations collected will be delivered to the needy and poor by a group of parents.