The Australian Mushaf Uswah Academy (AMUA) has been conducting the study of Quran and Sunnah together in a complimentary way as the main resources in understanding Islam.

The terminology Mushaf for the Quran and Uswah for Sunnah and Hadith is used for this unique approach to the study of Islam and its practice in daily life.

The main idea for using this method is that  Islam is a worldview and not merely a religion. It can be considered a religion only in the sense that Allah is The Being that Islam revolves around.


This year we are changing our style of involvement in the study course. The usual lectures on Uswah and Mushaf will be carried on more for self-study instead of discussions in the class.

Every class consists of 2 periods. In the first period, we are going to discuss the issues pertaining to the events that occurred in the life of the Prophet during the Madinan era from 0-11AH for the foundation and establishment of the Islamic ideology, and the second period of the class will discuss and explain the relevant reference of the events in the Quran.

Observers are welcome join and  contribute with any relevant commentary.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Period  Events
0-1AH Prophet’s Settlement
Brotherhood between Muhajireen and Ansar
Constitution of a Federated State
2AH Change of Qibla
Battle of Badr
3AH Battle of Uhud
5AH Battle of the Trench
6AH Treaty of Hudaibiya (March 628AC)
7AH The Jews of Madinah and the fall of Khyber
The special messengers to rulers of adjacent countries
8AH The violation of the Hudaibiyah Treaty and The Conquest of Makkah
The Battle of Hunain
9AH Declaration of Immunity
10AH The Battle of Tubuk
The Farewell Pilgrimage
11AH The Last Journey