Dr Mrs Halima Qureshi announces the wedding of her two granddaughters, Aarifah Bhatti to Sami Ullah Qazi, and Mominah Bhatti to Nuaym Khalid. Aarifah and Mominah are daughters of Abdul Mannan Bhatti  & Lubna Bhatti.

Aarifah Bhatti and Sami Ullah Qazi. Sami Ullah Qazi is the son of Abdul Gani Qazi and Jamila Rehmat. Sami is a logistics manager and Aarifah is a Speech Pathologist. The wedding took place in Sydney on 30 March 2018.


Nuaym Khalid and Mominah Bhatti. Nuaym Khalid is the son of  Mohammed Khalid Omer and Rasheeda Begum. Nuaym works as a Business development manager at Sarsan oilfields and supplies and Mominah is a resident doctor at the Prince of Wales hospital, Sydney.  The wedding took place in Dubai on 12 January 2018.