Learn Quran, a non-profit app developer based in Depok, Indonesia released their second product Learn Quran Tafsir   English version on Saturday 21 April  2018.

Learn Quran Tafsir was earlier released in Bahasa Indonesian language on 21 January 2018.

Learn Quran Tafsir is a free online tafsir that is accessible from smartphone, tablet, or PC by visiting tafsir.learn-quran.co/en.

Anyone can search specific keywords, topics, or go straight to a certain verse in Quran. The results will appear instantly, showing which verses and tafsir contain the keywords, just like how a search engine works.

Two months after its first launch in Indonesia, 216,167 users had visited Learn Quran Tafsir in Bahasa Indonesia version.

The development of this Quran search engine was started in the middle of 2017 by a small team, based in Depok, Indonesia.

There are four young people in this team, Mohamad Sani, Denny Yusuf, Himmatul Aliyah, and Asma Nabila, plus two advisors, Alham Fikri Aji, an Artificial Intelligence expert, graduated from University of Edinburgh, ex-Apple and Google, and Nur Fajri Romadhon, Lc, a young scholar graduated from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, Jakarta branch, as the tafsir content advisor.

Mohamad Sani, CEO, Learn Quran, said, “Allah said in the Quran Surah 16:89 ‘We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims’, so, we develop Learn Quran Tafsir to make it easy for people to ask anything, to find anything, in the Quran without worrying the credibility of the sources as you may encounter by using Google.”

With Learn Quran Tafsir, every Muslim in the world with internet access can read Quran tafsirs without any cost. No more hassle to buy and find keywords from numerous tafsir books.

This will benefits the global Muslim population, which is expected to reach 2.76 billion in 2050.

Ustadh Dr Amir Faishol Fath, a Quran scholar and tafsir expert from Indonesia, praised this search engine. “Learn Quran Tafsir is amazing. Insha Allah, with this tool you can easily get the classic and modern tafsir interpretation.”

Australia, Peter Gould, Design Executive Officer of Zileej, a global innovation company from Dubai, after meeting with Learn Quran team in Jakarta said, “A great tool for interacting with Quranic content. It’s important efforts to help people engage, understand and experience Quran in our times.”

Meanwhile, the mobile app version is currently under development. This is to respond to the growing number of smartphone users, particularly the young global Muslim population.