It was once a common Australian aspiration to be able to own your personal home, the Australian dream of home ownership. However, this long-held aspiration is diminishing as the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) reported that Australia’s housing affordability issue might continue for decades to come, with too much demand and increasing supply problems, causing a housing crisis.

Qartaba Homes has emerged as an innovative way of aiding Australians by reviving the Australia dream of home ownership through an “interest-free” alternative to the mortgage-based system that exists currently.

Arun and Gina outside their newly built house in Qartaba’s project.

Established in late 2010, Qartaba Homes has successfully delivered approximately 200 lots and expect to handover 350 lots in 2018. This has boosted confidence and gave encouragement for future development.

Since then, Qartaba’s projects have expanded throughout Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. It has gained the reputation of providing the “First Ever Interest-Free Housing” in Australia, supported and funded by entrepreneurial individual investors who want to assist families especially from migrant backgrounds.

Qartaba Homes has utilised top engineering firms such as BG&E and Orion Consulting as well as architectural firms like Dickson Rothschild Architects to build homes of optimal standard.

Khurram Jawaid, director of Qartaba Homes says, “We are passionate about ensuring all Australians are able to own their own piece of land. We offer interest-free land purchase for anyone able to buy land on installments.”

House under construction.

The focus on being interest-free has meant the Qartaba Homes complies with Islamic finance of not charging interest and thus is a 100% Halal Housing Solution to the problem of housing affordability.

The importance of Halal housing cannot be overstated. The modern system of banking and finance, based on an interest-based mortgage has posed a challenge to modern Muslim families and couples who struggle to reconcile this permeating system with their faith, which deplores the consumption of usury or “riba”.

Therefore, Qartaba Homes provides a “halal” alternative to the current orthodoxy. The growing popularity of alternatives like Qartaba Homes represents the fact that Islamic financial institutions are becoming increasingly embraced in the West, particularly in Britain, which has more Islamic banks than any other Western country.

Haris Thahar and Evi Rahmi at their block of land in Qartaba’s Riverstone Project.

Qartaba Homes is an innovative solution to Australia’s housing crisis, which will remain a challenge for generations of Australians. This innovative social enterprise represents a step toward a world of interest-free housing, to rectify the current system which has caused much angst and difficulty for families.

Qartaba Homes offers a glimpse of hope and has revived the Australian dream of home ownership to almost 1000 families within next few years.

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