Imagine your very own private, undisturbed virtual-reality experience of a beautiful Australian iconic mosque. Through exceptional detail, TechnicTouch have captured exactly that and it is mesmerising when you take a virtual reality tour of Lakemba Mosque.

Located in the suburb of Lakemba in New South Wales, the Lakemba Mosque also known as Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosque is said to be one of the largest mosques in Australia.

Owner of Technic Touch Evolution, Irshad Ali explains that after attending Jummah prayer at the mosque, he wondered how to make the place more visible for non-muslims.

“I wanted to demystify the mosque for those that might not have seen it” explained Irshad.

View the Lakemba Mosque virtual reality tour here:

Using the help of a state of the art 3D camera to scan with the alignment of the mosque’s space, the stunning Lakemba Mosque is surrounded by palm trees at its outdoor entrance. 

Whilst mapping out the interior and exterior design of the mosque, Irshad made some interesting discoveries.

“People in the mosque hardly experience the views from the top of the pulpit and minaret but the 3D scan now made it a possibility to provide the stunning experience.” said Irshad.

“What I like about virtual reality is that it allows you to travel to places you might otherwise not have and share your experiences with others in a creative way.”

The mosque has a grandeur design with wooden doors, tiled mosaics leading up the Mimbar (or platform) surrounded by luxurious maroon carpet. 

The building is complete with a blue dome with a cone-shaped chandelier. It is also equipped with a function hall that is used for weddings, art exhibitions and community functions. 

Its design follows the seamless traditional design similar to those found across the Asian subcontinent. In contrast, the Auburn mosque located in Sydney reflects the design elements of the famous Blue Mosque of Istanbul in Turkey. 

“Virtual reality technology is transforming the marketing sector,” said Irshad.

“The future we are heading towards will see a faster turn around and less travel time. This means we can share in more creative ways. Virtual reality is at the cutting edge of that.” said Irshad.

A virtual presentation can help businesses to improve their product sales pitch to customers by providing them with a competitive edge in the digital space.

“There are also medical applications which come from virtual reality technology,” said Irshad enthusiastically.

In this digital age, virtual tour facilities are being created right before our very eyes, across numerous industries such as residential real estate, event planning, engineering, construction, travel, restaurant, retail, cultural spaces and now – faith spaces.

So it does not matter if you can not see the space in person, technology is allowing us to explore places we might not ordinarily get to visit. However, one place you might want to put on the bucket list of Australian iconic locations is the Lakemba Mosque.

When it comes to virtual reality, we should seek to think outside the box.

The application of such technology harbours enormous potential. These visual delights provide us with new opportunities, to travel beyond our very imaginations.

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View the Lakemba Mosque virtual reality tour here: