Initiating a new business with the proper resources and trained personnel always seems like an excellent idea. The trend of establishing a startup business in Australia and to become global has become a widespread practice over the years, and a majority of the entrepreneurs are stepping in and stepping their entrepreneurial skills by establishing startup businesses.

The process of starting a startup business may sound exhilarating to few of us but, with proper training and proper use of the digital tools available; having your startup started has become a fairly easy process. Several online and in-class sessions are introduced to train the entrepreneurs just like yourself to shape up their startup businesses, and few of these training elements include the following facets:

  • Startup in e-commerce, digital marketing, social media website design, App design, growth hacking, eLearning and more.

Startup with e-commerce

Employing e-commerce is an effective way to give your startup a kick start. Using the tactics and facets of e-commerce is an ideal way to put your business out there to its target audience if you are still figuring out the costs and resources required to initiate a startup business. There are several ways to push your business to an online platform that even requires you to sell your products via a direct sales strategy, create affiliate websites, and handle shipping for a merchant.

Startup with digital marketing

Digital marketing is a modern derivative of marketing, and it caters to dealing with the implementation of a marketing plan on a digital level. Digital marketing is evolving at an accelerated pace, and it proves to be an excellent tool for the promotion of a startup business to its target audience.  Resorting to the tactic of digital marketing requires the entrepreneur to establish a strategy, backed up with digital innovation, to make it appealingly attractive to the prospective customers of the startup business.

Startup with website

Websites constitute to make excellent sources for conveying the story, history, background, and services of a startup business to its user. A majority of the startup businesses rely on websites or micro-websites to make a business engaging and likable to a visitor and to connect with the corresponding audience.

Startup with e-Learning

In leading organizations, a majority of the employees are subjected to training and development to become more familiar with their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the organization. However, on the contrary, the entrepreneurs handling startup businesses are required to incorporate e-learning into its strategy to become more familiar with their involvement and responsibilities in their businesses.

Startup with Blogging

Blogging is considered to be an effective tool that enables the entrepreneurs to establish their startup businesses and to promote them to their prospective customers. By adopting the strategy of blogging, an entrepreneur can inform its target audience on the benefits of the products and services offered by him.

Startup Ummah

Since January this year, a new initiative was founded by Houssam BIzri called Startup Ummah  (, which saw a number of successful events take place in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand and Dubai.  The initiative was to bring local entrepreneurs and startups to discuss what they have learned along the way and what advice they could give to others by creating networking and a new startup eco-system for our ummah. All the events were well attended and generate new opportunities for many. New training programs in “Digital Strategy for Startups” available face to face and online are available.

This Ramadan, make plenty of duaa for your success, plan early with clear intention, train-up and start-up!