Geraniums are lacked in fragrance
but are so gained in colour and shine,

As the ones in endless red would
remain so unchanged for month
after month,

So you would see the honeybees
make dive and rise to collect the

While the may bushes and the kiwi
vines have finished the show and
tell months ago,

And so have the azaleas and the orchids,
The chrysanthemums and the daffodils,
The gardenia and the frangipani,
The jasmine and the tulips,
The wattle and the jacaranda,
The hydrangeas and the bottle brush,
The red gum and the bluebell,
The desert rose and the blue gum,
The kangaroo paw and birds nest,
The carnival and the compacta,
The dancing queen and the early bird,
The frosted fire and jubilee crown,
The laureolum and madonna,
The moonlight and the drumstick,
Safari sunset and sweet sixteen,
and so many more.