Ancient Astronomy: Allah’s Narrative tackles narrators of science of our age such as Lawrence M Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sean M Carroll and Richard Dawkins and would be appealing to students of science, people of various fragmented Religions, atheists or otherwise.

The book is a lucid illustration uncovering the mystery surrounding the face of God and faith. It explores religion as the way of life and science to appraise its quality.

This book answers the trending assertive of naturalists (atheists) who claim that nothing from God has thus far reached us. It takes the reader through the sequences from the very beginnings of the formation of earth, its surroundings and the glitz in the dominant sky.

It points out the unique position of Prophet Abraham (a) as a peer astronomer who earned a covenant of long poured out blessings on mankind and to whom astronomers today owe their dues.

What this covenant means to human societies today and what is the argument of God, the book scans the promise of God to nations and His bestowal of hegemony and legitimacy to rule.

How are we performing amidst influential alien jinns (satans) and gatekeepers of heaven, the angels? A mind-blowing telecast is drawn of jinns and the house of angels in the backdrop of cosmos that surrounds us.

The book discusses the purposes for the grand scale of the universe as wide and as incomprehensible as it is and why it is at this cosmic scale is derived from the Quran.

Grappling scientific mysteries of time travel and fathoming our next home in the celestial patch, it dispels great misconceptions associated with doomsday that it is not the collapse of the universe as wrongly thought, but it is a collapse of sun’s neighborhood and its neighboring stars.

Clearly, it is a book tailor-made to serve people of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith and it gives reasonings to justify faith in God.

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