1. Having a vision for Ramadan that’s inspiring and balanced

2. Having a well- thought-out plan that backs up your Ramadan vision (including a powerful daily routine plan that increases by the last third of Ramadan)

3. Make prior decisions of how you will spend your Ramadan differently this year (e.g. saying ‘no’ to time wasters like excessive iftar invites, over eating at iftar, limiting technology, etc)

4. Declutter and clean your space (room, office, kitchen, etc)

5. Start re-connecting with the Qur’an by reciting daily a specific wird

6. Write your dua list (to make dua with everyday in Ramadan – Ramadan dua is always answered!)

7. If you give pre Ramadan gifts; make them count in your Mizan of good deeds (include a dua booklet, a tasbeeh beads or counter, dates, a personal note with special advice for success in Ramadan, etc)

8. Make up any of your missed fasts from previous Ramadan

9. Listen to daily reminders (videos, attend pre Ramadan lectures, etc) that will motivate, boost your enthusiasm and get in you in the right state of mind for Ramadan

10. Buy your Eid needs from now! (Eid gifts, clothes, etc) so you’re not spending the most precious time, last few days of Ramadan, in the shops!

11. Download apps that will help you throughout the month (the Quran app, the athkar app, etc) and delete apps that waste your time (games, instagram, etc)

12. Make dua daily to reach Ramadan and be amongst the ones whose fasting is accepted

13. Seek forgiveness from Allah (swt) everyday and forgive everyone that has wronged you so you enter the month in sha Allah with a clean heart (that can receive the goodness in Ramadan!)