Firdaws Karim, a Muslim PhD candidate from Western Sydney University is seeking Muslim Women aged 18 and above who are residing in Sydney to participate in her PhD research  topic, “The gendered resilience of Australian Muslim Women: Racism and In(visibility)”.

The aim of the research is to investigate how Muslim women deal with anti-Muslim racism in an environment where such hostility is likely to occur, and how potentially shared Muslim identity and spiritual beliefs might play a role in shaping the coping mechanism.

This study explores gendered experiences and strategies of resilience in this socio-political environment.

Experiences of racist discrimination will be considered through the relative visibility/invisibility of Muslim women and the social and communal strategies used by Muslim women “imperiled” through inter sectional disadvantages.

Muslim women’s voices are valuable and vital to this research, and will assist in breaking stereotypes and promote real life experiences of what it means to be an Australian Muslim Woman.

Participants will engage in either a 2 hour in-depth interview or a 2 hour focus group session.

If interested, please submit your details at and a researcher will contact you to schedule an interview time.