The month of February was full of programs and activities organised by Muslims by themselves as well as in collaboration with other communities and the mainstream Australians working for a positive change in the society.

It seems that the time for protests, winging and demanding is gradually being replaced by productive efforts, collaboration and working together in a smart way so as they bring benefits to our own community and Australia as a whole.

My calendar was full during the month of February mostly on weekends but also during the week attending conferences, festivals, expos, picnics, award ceremonies and cruises. Punctuated with these were occasional serene moments as well including funerals, cemeteries and visiting the sick all part of living a life.

The March issue of AMUST is full of reports on these positive activities with great photos showcasing a collage of month-long living a positive life and sharing it with our readers.

The two-day Halal Expo at Rose Hills Gardens was a great success attended by a diversity of people with halal businesses showcasing all aspects of halal way of life. A photo spread is published at the centrefold. Enjoy.

On the other hand, I had the honour to attend the funeral of a family friend and fellow interfaith worker, a Christian at Gosford Anglican Church, meeting and networking with many people of a different faith and reflecting on this experience and documenting it.

Cruising around Sydney Harbour with our elderly and their families, singing, eating, joking and sharing their thoughts was a great pleasure and time well spent.

We attended the Zest Awards meeting a large number of high achievers from Western Sydney and networking with them.

I attended a meeting on Islamophobia at ISRA discussing what to do next after the publication of the report and what strategies to adopt for the reduction of hate and bigotry in our country.

The two-day symposium on the Agency of Muslim Women at Darling Harbour was eye-opening and a proud moment listening to a diversity of views from highly talented Muslim high achievers, mainly women, from all over Australia.

Lastly attending the Islamic Education Forum at Arkana College and meeting up with leaders in education associated with Islamic schools in Australia was highly stimulating. I had the pleasure of catching up with people who used to be at our youth camps during their school years and are now principals and teachers at Islamic schools.