AMUST receives over 150 original articles a month. Therefore to streamline our publishing process, and publish your articles as soon as possible, we are now requesting for writers to submit their stories directly online for the editor’s review.
STEP A: Register: Fill out the details and check your email for confirmation.
STEP B: Login Put it your username and password.
STEP C: Submit Online See instructions and image below.
Having trouble? Email [email protected]

Submitting Online

1. “Posts” > “Add New”
In the left-hand column, click the menu item called “Posts”, then click “Add New”.
2. “Enter Title Here”
In the Posts page, there will be two boxes. A narrow one at the top, and a bigger one underneath. In the narrow one – Add a title. Ensure that it is clever, punchy, use puns! For more information, see here.
3. “Article”
In the big white box, enter in your article!
– The First Paragraph should be bolded. 
 – Remember to keep the paragraphs short.
 – The word count should be maximum 500 words.
 – Ensure you re-read your work. Check your grammar and spelling.
4. Featured Image
 – On the right of the screen, click the link that says “Set Featured Image”. This is to be the main, most engaging image with your article – so make it a good one!
 – Images must be under 1 MB, resize if necessary.
5. “Add Media”
Images are important, as visual representation of your article will make it more engaging. If you only wish to put a featured image, that’s fine.
 – If you have more images, please put them in the body of the article.
 – Add a caption to the images.
 – Align to Centre, choose large and click “Insert into Post”.
 – Make sure the image is not larger than 1 MB. If it is, please email us at [email protected] and we can assist in re-sizing the image for you.
6. Submit For Review
Once you’re finished with your article and you’re ready for it to go through the next steps of review, click the blue button on the right side, “Submit For Review”.
You’re Done! Thank you so much for your efforts in submitting online. We know it takes time, but the more practice, the faster it will be.
Having trouble? Email [email protected]