The Ghouta Fundraising Dinner was held on Sunday 18th March 2018, at Himalaya Emporium Function Centre/Bankstown organised by Human Appeal Australia.

With nearly 180 generous guests, the night was fabulously successful where the donations collected reached $120,000 that will be dedicated to provide relief to the sufferings of men, women and children of Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus in Syria that has been under attack.

At a short note, the community gathered to provide help and support where community leaders, businesses, and professionals stood together for those suffering in Syria.

The auction contributed to overall proceeds of the collection.

The fundraising dinner was part of the call by Human Appeal Australia’s Urgent Emergency Campaign dedicated to Ghouta in Syria in order to provide people with food, baby’s milk, medical supplies and heating/cooking coal.

Human Appeal Australia promised to stay on the road to goodness providing the much-needed lifesaving relief to needy around all over the globe.